The world is full of noise.

How do we figure out what really matters and magnify our collective signal?

Learning from the past to co-create the future

Collective Intelligence (CI) is a shared or group intelligence that emerges from collaboration. While it encompasses many aspects, from collective ideation to collective decisionmaking, the most important objective is to work together to envision and create the future we want for ourselves and our children. CICOLAB is a "change tank," a combination of a think tank and a do-tank, which brings together radically diverse people in focused,  online roundtable discussions to pool our unique expertise. Our aim is to create an accessible,  academically rigorous, and thoughtful body of knowledge that can guide people into exponentially wiser and more effective collaboration.

Applying the tried-and-true world-changing formula

Finding good ideas and making them great

CICOLAB is a decentralized conversation space that is conducted in monthlong cycles. The open-ended topic for this monthlong session, from January 14-February 14, is “Love Bombs: Creating Positive Mass Spectacles,” in which we use  the power of the group mind to envision what these spectacles could look like and how to facilitate our visions by augmenting our collective intelligence. We host 1.5-hour online roundtable discussions on a variety of subtopics, and people can choose to attend however many they want.


Most of the meetings take place online via video conference, and are recorded, transcribed, processed, tagged, and placed in a growing repository that is fully open to everybody. By tracking people’s contributions, using gaming strategies, and implementing unique metrics, we are incentivizing people to find meaningful associations among the discussions. The point is not just to produce good ideas, but to start combining them in ways that make them become truly great. After all, in a world full of noise, only the most memorable ideas stand out.

What would be the critical elements of mass


What are some specific visions
of love bombs? How could we achieve mass healing in place of mass destruction?

How do we make good collective decisions? How do we get funding?

What has prevented mass collaboration in the past and how can we avoid the same mistakes?

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CICOLAB's design is based on what we are calling a "rapid learning network," where we use feedback loops and signalling processes to quickly co-evolve our shared intelligence in into an upward spiral. We have based our social network design based on extensive interviews with many people in many different aspects of collective intelligence; our decisionmaking processes are open, transparent, and continuously improving with new information we receive.



Find out more about our values and why what we hope to accomplish.


A slide presentation of the basic concepts of our rapid learning network 


Browse through our extensive and growing collection of interviews, roundtable discussions, and CI resources on Workflowy

A more effective funding mechanism

To fund the Collaboratory, we have formed a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO),  built on blockchain technology. Assets (including funds or various non-monetary resources) are released when and if certain measurable conditions — predetermined and contracted between CICOLAB and the funders — are reached. The assets are held in escrow until the agreed conditions are met and verified by an “oracle”: a trusted, neutral third party who judges whether the goal has been reached. Thus, funders don't contribute funds if the fundamental metrics are not achieved, while participants remain confident they can “unlock” funds when their specific goals are met. For example, if the Collaboratory hits a certain predetermined benchmark, we could “unlock” the services of an advertising agency, a production house, or obtain free access to software that we need.


The Facilitators

Lauren Nignon started her research into designing intelligent innovation ecosystems while completing her Masters at Harvard, and continued her work as a Mozilla Open Leader to develop her "Rapid Learning Network" concept.  In 2019 she also started a collective intelligence collective called Practical Knowledge Ecology which has mutated into CICOLAB. Lauren is based in Paris, France.

Contact: lauren.nignon [at]

​Charles Blass is a curator-activator and team builder working at the intersection of movement growing, systems thinking and dynamic mapping. Integrating diverse approaches to knowledge gardening and collective wisdom cultivation, Charles explores creative innovations in on- and off-chain governance and social norms.Longtime media producer, broadcaster, archivist and nonprofit director, Charles is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Contact: cb [at]

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Reality is broken. Let's fix it together.

In a time of spreading wildfires, massive social unrest, rising hatred, and misinformation, armageddon is starting to look like a forgone conclusion. At CICOLAB, we think that there has never been a better time to shine the brightest spotlight we can on the future that we want. “Keep your eyes on the prize,” was a slogan of the civil rights movement; yet, that utopian vision is fading fast. Humanity is at a crossroads, and most people are yearning for new visions of health, healing, and connection. What are love bombs? They are reuseable, practical patterns for producing seemingly miraculous spectacles based on a high vibrational energy — including metrics for scalable resonance. By creating a space where artists, activists, entrepreneurs, and practical people can feel comfortable to engage in real dialogue, we feel confident that we can spark large-scale, compelling initiatives.