CICOLAB brings together visionaries from diverse fields to develop simple, cost effective, and practical ways to amplify network intelligence.

We create, collect and apply effective, accessible tools and methods to make groups smarter. Our approach is to allow the communication of projects, ideas and people to be easier and better so network members can find, align and collaborate with each other. 

Rapid Sensemaking and the Pandemic

CICOLAB is a "change tank," a combination of think tank and do-tank. We bring together diverse minds in focused, online roundtable discussions to pool our unique expertise in different aspects of collective intelligence (CI), which is a shared group intelligence that emerges from collaboration. With the flood of misinformation, accelerating change and potential systems collapse, rapid sensemaking has never been as difficult nor as critical. CICOLAB is currently exploring how we can strengthen our own social networks and empower each other by combining our innovative ideas in deep profiling, technology, currency design, mutual aid, distributed governance, and technology.

Augmenting our collective intellect
while increasing our collective impact

We host 90-minute online roundtable discussions on a variety of subtopics, and you can choose to attend as many as you like.

The meetings take place online via video conference, and are recorded, transcribed, processed, tagged, and placed in a growing knowledge repository that is fully open to everybody.

CICOLAB is a social network of some of the top creative and revolutionary thinkers of our time. We bring people together strategically to foster discussions across silos and groups, to introduce people working in different aspects of collective intelligence such as mass collaboration, identity, discoverability, interoperability, deep profiling, healthy new business models, and currency design. Browse highlights from CICOLAB sessions in our Knowledge Repository.

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CICOLAB Conversation Cycles

Since launching in January 2020, we've hosted four conversation cycles of multiple roundtable sessions. 

You're invited to check out the many artifacts in our knowledge garden documenting these seminal dialogues:

Love Bombs

Rapid Sensemaking and the Pandemic

Meme Factory: Snarky Anarchy

The Flow Show



Find out more about our values and why what we hope to accomplish.


A slide presentation of the basic concepts of our rapid learning network 


Browse through our extensive and growing collection of interviews, roundtable discussions, and CI resources on Workflowy


Read the most important snippets from CICOLAB's Love Bombs session


See our collective intelligence map complete with video interviews, transcripts, and notes from people in the field.

A more effective funding mechanism

To fund the Collaboratory, we have formed a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), built on blockchain technology. Assets (including funds or various non-monetary resources) are released when and if certain measurable conditions — predetermined and contracted between CICOLAB and the funders — are reached. The assets are held in escrow until the agreed conditions are met and verified by an “oracle”: a trusted, neutral third party who judges whether the goal has been reached. Thus, funders don't contribute funds if the fundamental metrics are not achieved, while participants remain confident they can “unlock” funds when their specific goals are met. For example, if the Collaboratory hits a certain predetermined benchmark, we could “unlock” the services of an advertising agency, a production house, or obtain free access to software that we need.

How can rebuild from the ashes of late-stage capitalism?

In a time of spreading misinformation, growing economic insecurity, rising polarization, and inequality, armageddon is starting to look like a forgone conclusion. At CICOLAB, we think that there has never been a better time to shine the brightest spotlight we can on the future that we want. In this liminal space, we are going are going from what we have been taught to what we truly know. The pearls of wisdom that got us to this place no longer serve us, so what do we take with us, and what do we take behind? It's less about humankind becoming something else, but rather remembering who we are and reconnecting with the deepest part of our spirits. In this session, we try to make sense out of the pandemic and see how we can use this catastrophe for the power of good.