The Collective Intelligence Collaboratory — CICOLAB — is a peer-to-peer innovation hub for incubating early-stage projects, aka a Change Tank. We’re a mutual support community dedicated to proactively and effectively amplifying our members’ potential and the collective impact of our network.

Saving the Worldsavers


Deep visionaries often find it hard to create snappy elevator pitches, struggle with isolation, and are constantly challenged by the lack of people willing to actually test and give feedback on great ideas or products. CICOLAB is a program of Lovevolv Inc, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the community of mutual support for changemakers and systems thinkers. Utilizing the diverse talents, expertise, and collective intelligence frameworks in our network to amplify each other's projects, we make a whole that is significantly more than the sum of its parts.


Collective Wisdom + Mutual Commitment = High Impact

Through hosting and harvesting innumerable roundtable discussions on many aspects of collective intelligence, we have developed a set of tools, peer-to-peer methodologies and conceptual frameworks to bootstrap a collectively wise network with focus and intention. We bring together deep visionaries from many diverse domains, including:

  • Peeragogy, learning science and edtech

  • Currency design

  • P2P software development

  • Group decisionmaking processes and facilitation

  • Knowledge management

  • Decentralized technology

  • Art, storytelling, and digital media

By providing an environment primed for collective intelligence, we make it easier for people and projects to match up effectively and access what they need to achieve success.