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Minimal Viable Upward Spiral

Collective intelligence is an emerging field. Although some of its individual branches are well-researched, there is little that effectively ties these branches together into an easy-to-understand framework like our “Wisdom Stack".  We aim to create the smallest, simplest version of a rapidly iterating network that contains sufficient feedback loops for the system to grow exponentially smarter over time— i.e., a “minimal viable upward spiral”.

Practical Collective Intelligence

While CICOLAB hosts many discussions exploring meta-level issues in collective intelligence, we value putting our ideas into practice as soon as possible to test and refine them. Our pet project is the LearninGarden, aka Kids KooLaboratory, an alternative to popularly known "learning pods" where kids and their parents/ grandparents/ guardians can gather and co-learn about collaboration, art and design, critical thought and systems thinking.


LearninGarden Logo main.jpg

CICOLAB "Quest Template" Demo


One of the biggest challenges for deep changemakers is the absence of a database of “dumb stuff we already tried” or “ideas we had but never really followed through on.” This means that great ideas are often lost in the shuffle, and lessons learned are not spread through the larger network, because there’s no incentive for anyone to share their embarrassing failures.

Ideas continually escape and are forgotten about, because the people who think up the ideas do not have the resources, ability or bandwidth to realize or even contain them. Based on evidence and observation we’re convinced that solving these problems can vastly improve network intelligence, which is why we have spent so much time on the issue.

View the video (4 min.) explaining our “experiment template”, which contains in story form our learnings from an attempted project. While this type of documentation process is quite time-consuming, it can function as a module that can be used to build bigger things such as “libraries” in developer parlance.

Story of the Story of the Learning Garden

The Story of the Story of the LearninGar
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