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About Us


Lauren Nignon

Lauren Nignon started her research into designing intelligent innovation ecosystems while completing her Masters at Harvard, and continued her work as a Mozilla Open Leader to develop her "Rapid Learning Network" concept.  In 2019 she also started a collective intelligence collective called Practical Knowledge Ecology which morphed into CICOLAB. Lauren is based in Paris, France. Video bio

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Charles Blass

​Charles Blass is a curator-activator and team builder working at the intersection of movement growing, systems thinking and dynamic mapping. Integrating diverse approaches to knowledge gardening and collective wisdom cultivation, Charles explores creative innovations in on- and off-chain governance and social norms. Longtime media producer, broadcaster, archivist and nonprofit director, Charles is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

What Makes CICOLAB Special?


A network of go-getters with integrity who love putting ideas into action

Close relationships with many groups in the collective intelligence domain


Years of experience designing for social development and deep innovation


A highly supportive space to develop ideas, experiment, and get crucial early feedback


An emphasis on high-quality projects that create social change, respect privacy, and are academically sound


Accommodating environment for the socially-challenged and/or shy introverts


Creative and truly revolutionary thinkers linked by their interest in systemic change


A focus on wisdom over intelligence, to support the whole system for longterm broad benefit

About Us
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