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CICOLAB's Second Cycle:
"Rapid Sensemaking and the Pandemic"

During CICOLAB's first session on "Love Bombs" (see the conversation map for video summaries of the roundtable discussions) we learned a lot, and we built on that knowledge using questions and ideas raised in that round to help guide us in this extremely challenging time.

This is a liminal period in human history, and whether the next phase is a post-capitalist utopia or a global dystopian nightmare is largely the privilege and responsibility of those who can most effectively promote a memetic, simple story.

How do we make sense out of this period, in political, technological, and spiritual terms? 


How are people using collective intelligence to make sense of the pandemic?

How do we frame the Covid-19 story so we can learn valuable lessons from this difficult period?

How can we fix our information grid to decrease the amount of misinformation?

How can we use decentralized governance and DAOs during this time?

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