August-September, 2020. The Flow Show produced by Charles Blass takes us on a journey through the key components of CICOLAB:

The Knowledge Respository;

The HashVerse;


The Koolaboratory; and 

The Story Room.

Here are the essential documents to date:

Knowledge Repository: The Flow Show (Workflowy)

HashVerse: framework for network intelligence

BizFlow: Roles and DAOs

Conversation Map - Flow Show 1 (20200824)

[CICOLAB] The Flow Show 1: Quick recap: Boom! (20200824)

[CICOLAB] Flow Show 1: Story Room. Boom! (Quick recap) (20200824)

[CICOLAB] The Flow Show: The Story Room (20200824)

[CICOLAB] Flow Show 2 (20200831)

[CICOLAB] Flow Show 2: The Story Room (20200831)